‘We do everything we can do’: COVID isn’t stopping WSU and Boise State basketball from tipping off in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Basketball players from Washington State University and Boise State University are preparing for Wednesday night’s big game in Spokane.

With COVID surging again, players likely have how it could affect the rest of their season in mind.

COVID concerns have already postponed games in the NFL and NBA. The NHL has postponed the season until after Christmas because of cases.

WSU and BSU are taking all the safety measures to prevent this from happening to them.

“We’ve done a great job as far as awareness on vaccinations and understanding just our day-to-day protocols,” said Kyle Smith, Head Coach of WSU’s men’s basketball team.

The safety measures may not necessarily be the exact same.

“Ours are probably a lot different because it’s so variant from state to state,” said Leon Rice, the head coach of BSUs men’s basketball team. “We do all the testing and we do a great job. We have tons of guys vaccinated, you know, we’re pretty diligent about all that stuff.”

WSU also does health checks to look out for any COVID symptoms.

As far as vaccines, Boise State does not require them.

Between players, coaches and the support staff, 92.3-percent of the Broncos are vaccinated.

WSU would not disclose its team’s vaccination rate. However, the university requires everyone to get vaccinated or have an exemption with accommodations.

“We’re all vaccinated, so it’s been better, but obviously with the new variant things are changing a little bit,” Smith said.

Changes have hit the pros. The NFL postponed the Seahawks vs. Rams game on Sunday because of COVID. It was rescheduled to Tuesday night.

Other leagues are feeling the effects of COVID. The Sun Bowl could be in jeopardy. The University of Miami announced its football program was in its COVID-19 protocols. The game against the Cougs is scheduled for Dec. 31.

In Spokane, the Chiefs had to postpone a game in November because two players tested positive.

“It looks like some of the what we had to deal with last year is on its way — games canceling, but we’ll try to persevere and make the most of it,” Smith explained.

The head basketball coaches say they are just taking it one day at a time.

“We do everything we can do. Control what we can control,” Rice said. “Be as safe as we can be with our guys and we’re that way anyways.”

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