Water still a concern for Airway Heights prisoners

It’s been a 30-day ordeal for offenders and the staff at the Airway Heights Corrections Center.

And before it was over, the prison handed out a quarter of a million bottles of water.

The extra and expensive precautions to safeguard the health of convicted criminals raises some controversy.

But, even if you don’t care about convicts, we need clean and safe water behind bars.

The inmate industrial kitchen cooks and prepares healthy food for several groups, including meals on wheels.

Up until Thursday morning, because of a concern about contamination from Fairchild firefighting chemicals, the prison had to use USDA approved bottled water in all its recipes.

Fountains and ice machines were turned off for weeks and even the shelter dogs that offenders train for adoption were getting bottled water.

Although water has been turned back on in the facility, the crisis is not over.

Offenders grow many of the vegetables that are used in the food they make.

If this produce is tainted, it could mean that many future meals are no longer safe to eat.