Water contamination crisis continues in Airway Heights

Water contamination crisis continues in Airway Heights

If you’d asked Airway Heights Fire Chief Mitch Metzger earlier this week if he had doubts about the ban being lifted by the weeks end; he’d probably have told you no.The city did well over the recommended amount of flushing the system. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

Chief Metzger shared, “its a little disappointing. We had high hopes we were all going to have this wrapped up today.

The good news is that the flushing seems to be working. Out of the 17 tested areas , 11 were below the detection levels or not detected at all.

“The unfortunate thing is we had 6 samples that were above that. They ranged in numbers from 82 parts per trillion to 857 parts per trillion. With those numbers we can’t life our advisory and have to continue our flushing program,” explained Chief Metzger.

They plan to continue flushing this weekend and test early next week with results not expected in till weeks end. That means at least one more week of bottled water pick ups behind the Airway Heights Yokes. Residents we spoke to don’t seem to mind.

Debbie Stuart, who lives in Airway Heights said, “its OK. We can handle another week.”

Charlotte Lawrence added, “it is what it is. You know, we’ve got to make sure the ground is clear and everyone is taken care of. We just have to be patient.”

Residents picking up their water before dinner this evening were more concerned with showing their appreciation for the volunteers who spend hours in the sun distributing the water.

Kim Jones told us, “these guys are on top of it. They’re the bomb!”

One resident was so appreciative that she and her son dropped off pizzas.

“They’ve got to eat! They’re out here, handing out water, helping us,” explained Charlotte Lawrence.