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Spotlight Spokane

Spotlight Spokane: Manito in Bloom

For this week's Spotlight Spokane, we realized how long it had been since we were at Manito Park—there were some fun changes to explore like the fully-restored Mirror Pond! Take a look at the park in bloom this time of year, and then maybe take a trip over yourself!

Spotlight Spokane: Riverfront Renovations

Spotlight Spokane has returned from a pandemic break, and since we've been gone, a whole lot of development has happened at Riverfront Park—from the all-inclusive Providence Playscape to the White Elephant being moved to the Looff Carrousel. So, we went and checked it out!

Air 4 Adventures

Air 4 Adventure: Exploring Area Lakes

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Do you love fishing? Well, this weekend is free fishing weekend. This means that you do not need a license or parking pass to hit your favorite…

Air 4 Adventure: Heyburn State Park

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho -- Heyburn State Park is the Northwest's oldest state park, opening back in 1908 and consists of 8,000 acres of wilderness and water access. One of the…

Air 4 Adventures: Rathdrum Mountain

RATHDRUM, Idaho -- If you’re thinking about brushing the dust off of your COVID-lockdown and breathing in some fresh air, think about heading over to Rathdrum Mountain, just outside of Rathdrum,…

Air 4 Adventure: Atlas Mill Park

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene is blessed with great beaches and hiking areas on the lake. Now, there's a new place to enjoy; the Atlas Mill Park near Riverstone.…