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Spotlight Spokane

Spotlight Spokane: Summer Splash Pads

School's out, it's downright hot outside and the city splash pads are open for the season—are you thinking what we're thinking? In this week's Spotlight Spokane, we stopped by a handful of splash pads and soaked up the sun.

Spotlight Spokane: Manito in Bloom

For this week's Spotlight Spokane, we realized how long it had been since we were at Manito Park—there were some fun changes to explore like the fully-restored Mirror Pond! Take a look at the park in bloom this time of year, and then maybe take a trip over yourself!

Spotlight Spokane: Riverfront Renovations

Spotlight Spokane has returned from a pandemic break, and since we've been gone, a whole lot of development has happened at Riverfront Park—from the all-inclusive Providence Playscape to the White Elephant being moved to the Looff Carrousel. So, we went and checked it out!

Air 4 Adventures

Air 4 Adventure: Q'emiln Park

POST FALLS, Idaho -- With the temperatures in the 90s this weekend, hanging out at a beach might be the best way to escape the heat. One place you can go…

Air 4 Adventure: Cherry Orchards

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Green Bluff is ripe with cherries this month and it's time to go pick them while you can. Despite last week's heat wave, the cherries are thriving. One…

Air 4 Adventure: Northside Aquatic Center

SPOKANE, Wash. -- With temperatures on the rise, you and your kids will most likely be looking for fun ways to stay cool. Well, the Northside Aquatic Center has some…