Washouts, flooding disrupt Inland Northwest

Washouts, flooding disrupt Inland Northwest

Washouts and standing water forced several roads in our area to close.

“The things we’re experiencing is overtopping of the roadways by flood waters. Undermining of the shoulders of the road due to a lot of water in the ditches,” said Public Works Director Mitch Reister.

Most of these closures are in Spokane Valley and South Spokane county, and won’t significantly impact a large number drivers or homeowners. But, it’s still important to be cautious.

If you see water over a roadway, stop and don’t go over that.,” Reister said.

The excess of water on these roads makes it difficult for crews to make immediate repairs.

Declaring a state of emergency allows them time to collect emergency equipment and take preventive action

“River flooding is still a concern. Right now, we don’t really have any bridges that are being threatened, which is obviously one of my biggest concerns,” Reister said.

In Moscow, Idaho, the rain interfered with daily routines.

“We come here one day, we go to east city park one day….one day we go over to Mountain View Park so we try to alternate and go to different parks,” said David Boyd, who lives near Moscow.

But, Boyd and his dog Daisy ran into a roadblock on their walk today.

An overflowing creek nearby prompted Moscow Parks and Recreation to close several parks and paths for safety.

“This is pretty high it hasn’t been like this for probably 7, or 8 years,” Boyd said.

While this amount of flooding isn’t normal, it’s a welcome reminder that this long winter will eventually come to an end.