Washington’s ‘Cosmic Crisp’ apples to ship nationwide this week

Cosmic Crisp apples: are they worth the hype?
Cosmic Crisp

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington’s beloved Cosmic Crisp apples will begin nationwide shipping this week, letting the rest of the U.S. in on what we’ve already known—these apples are out of this world!

The official Cosmic Crisp Twitter account made the announcement today, reporting that warehouses across the state are preparing to start shipping the apples out this week.

This apple, born and raised in Washington, is the result of twenty years of research at Washington State University. Growers in Washington, who paid for the research, now have the exclusive right to produce and sell the apple for the next ten years.

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It’s called Cosmic Crisp because of the bright yellowish dots on its skin, which researchers said looked like distant stars. Researchers say the red apple is a cross between an Enterprise and a Honeycrisp – making it perfect for eating and baking. It is also engineered to brown far slower than contemporary apples, keeping it fresher for longer.

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