Washington wants to know how many people walk and bike

Washington wants to know how many people walk and bike
Courtesy: Cascade Bicycle Club

The Washington Department of Transportation wants to know how many people across the state walk, ride bicycles or take other active travels mean as their mode of transportation.

The department is asking for volunteers to help them with the annual three-day survery.

2017 count showed more than 63,500 people biked and walked in communities across the state, an increase of 4 percent over the 2016 count.

The Washington State Department of Transportation and Cascade Bicycle Club are partnering with FeetFirst, Washington Bikes and Futurewise to help count the number of people bicycling and walking Tuesday, Sept. 25, through Thursday, Sept. 27.

“This volunteer effort makes sure that people who bike and walk are counted as essential users of the transportation system,” said WSDOT Active Transportation Division Director Barb Chamberlain. “Each year that volunteers make the collection process possible, we get a more robust picture of the growth in active transportation.”

“We’re excited to once again work with the Washington State Department of Transportation to ensure that biking and walking counts across Washington state,” said Richard Smith, Executive Director of Cascade Bicycle Club, “This is possible only because of the hundreds of volunteers who care about safer biking and walking.”

Data collected during the count will be used by state and local agencies to estimate demand; measure the benefit of bicycle and pedestrian project investments; and improve policies, project designs and funding opportunities.

Officials say the data also helps agencies understand how and where to address active transportation options for people who don’t have the income to choose other transportation alternatives.

If you’d like to volunteer, click here.