Washington State University students travel to Serbia, explore freedom of the press overseas

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University students are spending spring break in Serbia, putting into perspective what freedom of the press looks like across the world.

As people flee Eastern Europe because of the war in Ukraine, four journalism students from WSU are heading just short of the war torn country, to Serbia. These students are diving into the role of the press and its variations. They’ll research what press looks like when it isn’t free and learn from journalists who work independent of government influence. The concept was conceived inside the walls of the Murrow School in a project titled “backpack journalism.”

Where are they going? 

Serbia is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe.
It’s just a couple of countries away from Ukraine.

On Friday, the students and their professor put the final touches on their trip in Pullman. This weekend, they’re navigating airports across the world: from Seattle, to Paris and finally to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Their spring break won’t be the normal quiet, relaxing break from classes. Instead, they’re in for a week full of hard work. 4 News Now is taking you along the week-long journey across the world from from Spokane to Serbia.

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