Washington State Patrol out in force, looking for DUI’s this weekend

Washington State Patrol out in force, looking for DUI’s this weekend
WSP Detectives seek information on Sunday crash north of Latah

With folks flooding the highways for the long weekend and Labor Day holiday, there will be more Washington State Patrol troopers out on the roads targeting drunk drivers.

“We are trying to make sure everyone gets to where they are going safely, with this high traffic volume,” said Trooper Jordan Berezay.

He says they have already pulled over a number of impaired drivers, and have seen an increase in daytime drunks as well.

“Things to look out for are lane travel, erratic driving, weaving in and out of traffic,” he said.

He says if you see that you can call 9-1-1 and they will likely be close enough to go check it out.

If the driver does end up being impaired, they face a fine that can go over $5,000, and that doesn’t include legal fees.

“It is a painful process,” he said, “its just easier to find a safe driver rather than risking it.”

DUI’s are only a part of the whole picture this long holiday weekend however. They will also be looking out for uncovered or poorly tied down loads.

“We are seeing more crashing during the daytime hour,” he said. “We had a lot of people lose whatever they were taking camping or visiting family with them, causing people to swerve around.”

He asks that drivers be attentive, follow the law and stay off their phones and also limit distractions in the vehicle, if you are traveling with family or friends. Additionally, he asks that you follow the posted speed limits, especially out-of-state folks that aren’t familiar with the roads.