Washington state legislators looking to abolish daylight saving time

For those of you who dread losing an hour of sleep in the Spring during daylight saving time, you may not have to worry about that anymore.

A bill sponsored by state Sens. Sam Hunt (D), Jim Honeyford (R) and Kevin Van De Wege (D) was pre-filed today to potentially keep clocks consistent throughout the year in Washington, abolishing daylight saving.

The bill cites that daylight saving time has “negative impacts on public health, increases traffic accidents and crime, disrupts agriculture scheduling and hinders economic growth.” The bill also mentions that studies have shown a greater risk of heart attacks and workplace injury during the daylight saving switches.

There have been other governing bodies in the U.S. that have considered or are looking into getting rid of the time-change as well, including Florida, California, Georgia among others. The European Union announced consideration to abolish daylight savings as well.

If passed, the bill says the permanent time would potentially be Pacific Standard Time, plus one hour, and would take effect the second Sunday in March of the following year when legislature passes the bill.

This legislation has been introduced in the Washington state before, but has not been passed. The current bill will be introduced this 2019 session.

To read the full bill, click here.

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