Washington secretary of state says Culp’s claims of voter fraud are false, demands evidence

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Secretary of State Kim Wyman is responding to gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp’s claims of voter fraud in Washington’s election, saying he has yet to provide solid evidence to back them. 

“As a member of law enforcement who purports to have evidence of felonies, Mr. Culp should be duty-bound to provide that evidence to the appropriate authorities so these cases can be investigated by county sheriffs and prosecutors, and possibly the FBI,” Wyman said in a statement Friday. 

Wyman says claims made by Culp’s attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, that only 3.2 million people voted in the election are false. Pigeon has also made claims that 10,000 ballots were cast in the names of deceased voters, and another 300,000 people voted who no longer live in Washington, despite lack of evidence to back those claims. 

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County elections officials work with several agencies to make sure mistakes like that aren’t made, Wyman explained, saying her office receives lists of people who have died in the state each month so their names can be removed following investigation. 

“If evidence is found someone voted on behalf of a deceased person, county election officials forward that information to the county sheriff and prosecutor for further investigation and potential prosecution,” Wyman said. 

In terms of mailing addresses, county election officials work diligently with mailing vendors to ensure ballots are issued to the correct addresses.  

“We have safeguards in place before, during, and after each election, and conduct numerous audits throughout to ensure all election functions and processes are operating properly and accurately,” Wyman said. “The Office of the Secretary of State takes allegations of voter fraud seriously. If anyone has evidence of voter fraud being committed in Washington state, I implore you to provide that evidence to your county elections official and/or the Office of the Secretary of State.”

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