Washington ranks 4th lowest in national resignation rates

SPOKANE, Wash. — According to a study by WalletHub.com, Washington ranks fourth in lowest job resignation rates.

Over the last month, the state saw only 2-percent of the population leave their jobs. That percentage rises when compared annually though, rounding at 2.33 percent.

Still, while Washington is among the lowest in turnover rates, the state sits around the 50th percentile in national unemployment rates. Many were able to work from home, but others decided to quit their jobs entirely.

The pandemic caused the biggest unemployment surge in the nation, with every state feeling its impact. The nation saw an all-time job decline in 2020 after stimulus checks were introduced.

But according to business.org, small business license applications increased by 24% since the pandemic. More business owners and entrepreneurs want to bounce back in 2022, and it’s only a matter of time to see if their patience was worth it.

With companies looking up this year, the Northwest’s future relies on the people who make it.

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