Washington medical partnership shapes future of medicine

Washington medical partnership shapes future of medicine

Future doctors are leaving classrooms in Spokane and heading into communities across the region thanks to a partnership between two Washington universities.

The first class of students enrolled in the regional health partnership between the University of Washington and Gonzaga University completed the first phase of their medical training this month, known as the Foundations Phase. Students spent 18 months in Spokane completing science and clinical education, along with rural training.

The completion of this step in education is a major accomplishment for students and for the medical partnership.

The University of Washington partnered with Gonzaga University in 2016 to expand medical education opportunities. UW is known nationally for the their family and rural medicine training, which is one fo the aspects that attracted Justin Thompson to Spokane for school.

He said he’s had valuable training through UW and GU and has found a new family in his classmates.

“It gives me such hope for the future of medicine if all these folks are going out into communities in Eastern Washington and building cultures of teamwork and collaboration within the medical field,” Thompson said.

Thompson, along with 59 other classmates, will now split up across Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho to learn at hospitals for their Clinical Phase.