Washington immunology and virology expert gives timeline for second booster possibility

SPOKANE, Wash.– A Washington immunology and virology expert says we should know by end of February if a second booster shot will be needed to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Larry Corey, President and Director Emeritus at Fred Hutch, who’s been working alongside Dr. Anthony Fauci, says scientists are waiting to see how current vaccines handle the omicron variant.

“We’re looking at omicron vaccines and what we’ll call the ancestral strain vaccines. I think for us we want to see if the immune responses to the omicron variant is better than ancestral strain and when we know that, probably by the end of February, we’ll pull the trigger on what’s the next best approach for another boost,” said Dr. Corey.

Dr. Corey says we shouldn’t be afraid like we were in 2020 when the virus first started to spread. He went on to say that we have all the tools and prevention measures in place for people to feel comfortable living with the virus in their communities.

“The thousand deaths a day, which frankly still keeps me awake, like why does this have to happen? It is happening among people not believing or who do not want to use the tools that we have, when they clearly work. For those who get vaccinated and have access to those tools we should be able to come to some comfort here with respect to how we live with this virus,” said Dr. Corey.

It’s important to note, this is preliminary data. The more scientists discover about covid-19 and omicron the more the science and guidelines can change.

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