Washington, Idaho tracking below national average in vaccine rollout

Vaccine rollout by state
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New data from the New York Times show how fast states are rolling out their allotment of coronavirus vaccines.

The data show the national average for states where people have had at least one dose is 6%, but on average, most states only have 1% of the population fully vaccinated.

Washington ranks in the middle of the pack with 5.5% of people getting at least one dose, but only 1% having both. On Tuesday, Governor Jay Inslee said 500,000 doses have been administered across the state; that number represents doses administered, not people who have received the vaccine.

Meantime, Idaho is nearly at the bottom of the list with 4.4% of people getting at least one dose and less than 1% getting fully vaccinated as of Tuesday. The latest information from Idaho shows 93,582 doses have been administered; 14,648 people have received both doses of the vaccine.

To find the latest data from Washington, click here. To find Idaho data, click here. 

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