Washington, Idaho Attorney General seek to combat robocalls

Yes, You Are Getting Lots Of Robocalls Again

OLYMPIA, Wash. — There’s no question that the endless amount of “robocalls” has become one of the few burdens of owning a mobile phone.

Currently, more Americans have been getting these “Scam Likely” calls than ever before. Attorney Generals from Washington and Idaho are looking into this issue and taking initiatives to combat robocalls.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced a new partnership with the Federal Communications Commission. The partnership’s goal is to create new ways to share information and increase collaboration to more effectively investigate robocalls.

“Robocalls are a global problem and individually we as states are not equipped to tackle such an enormous issue,” Wasden said. “But there’s force in numbers and when we team up with other states and federal agencies like the FCC, we’re much more effective. Robocalls are a plague and combatting them takes an all-hands-on-deck approach.”

Twenty-two states have already partnered with the FCC to investigate robocalls. Investigators will seek records, talk to witnesses, interview targets, examine consumer complaints, and take other critical steps to build a record against possible bad actors.

And Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is also calling for a similar initiative. The Attorney General’s Office created a new complaint form for Washingtonians, tailored for reporting robocalls.

The office also launched a website, detailing how to recognize robocalls and telemarketing scams, and how to combat them. Ferguson has been a long-time advocate against robocallers. He’s filed lawsuits against several companies found guilty of robocalling.

“Robocalls are more than just annoying — they can also be illegal,” Ferguson said. “Many of our cases are based on tips we receive from Washingtonians. If robocalls are harassing you, please file a complaint with my office.”

Washingtonians can report an illegal robocalls here, and can find more information about these scams here.

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