Washington Homeschool Mentors looking to mentor parents about homeschooling, virtual learning

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington Homeschool Mentors wants to be there for parents who want to transition to the flexibility they say homeschooling provides.

I spoke with Brie, Karen and Nicole, three women who are a part of the organization as mentors.

They say when the pandemic started affecting schools, friends would reach out to them with questions about homeschooling.

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When they started this mentor group, even more parents showed interest.

The group hosted its first event Tuesday evening — an informational meeting to answer parents’ questions about making the switch.

Now that major school districts have made the decision to pursue a remote start to the school year, the mentor group is also willing to offer some guidance to parents to help their kids with virtual learning.

They’re hoping to form one-on-one mentorships with parents who are looking to transition to homeschooling or just need any type of learn-from-home guidance.

For more information, see their Facebook page.

You can also email them at washingtonhomeschoolmentors@gmail.com.

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