Washington health leaders say COVID-19 cases in children remain high

SPOKANE, Wash.– There’s a concerning trend when it comes to kids and COVID-19.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is reporting a six-percent increase for new cases in children from the week before. It’s not much better for those in Washington.

While health leaders said case rates are going down for most age groups in the state, they’re still incredibly high among kids. The Washington Department of Health said 7,400 cases have been reported in Washington, with the northeast part of the state being hit the hardest. The case rate is 390 per 100,000.

There is hope. An epidemiologist with the Washington Department of Health, Dr. Scott Lindquist, said community immunity is on the rise. However, people still need to do their part to help.

“This is the perfect time to get vaccinated. Don’t get the diseases, get vaccinated and we’re right on the cusp of vaccinating a large population of kids,” Dr. Linquist said.

As of this week, the Washington Department of Health said more than 265,000 doses have arrived in the state and more have been delivered daily.

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