Washington gas prices are rising again: Here’s why

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington is in AAA’s top 10 this week for most expensive gas and largest weekly increase.

Spokane County’s average gas price this week is $4.58 a gallon, and statewide that number is $4.92.

It’s about a quarter difference in comparison to last week, and for most people, it’s adding up.

“I’ve just watched it get higher and higher,” said Zion Wilson, who lives in Spokane.

Getting gas at 7-11 on 2nd and Division is a little below the county average, but that doesn’t make a difference to Wilson.

“If I’m on the way to work, I get gas before I arrive. And if I’m coming back home, I get gas before I get here,” Wilson said. “It’s like walking into a Disneyland, knowing you’re going to have to pay 10 dollars for a water bottle.”

The cost to fuel up is enough to cause frustration, but it’s not stopping drivers from paying at the pump.

“Terrible,” said Derek Rogers, a local business owner. “I have a business so I had to raise my prices like everybody else.”

Some even try to find relief by crossing state lines. Kootenai County’s average is just $4.34, which is 24 cents less than Spokane.

“I think it’s uncalled for really so we shouldn’t have to pay that much for gas,” said Earl Clary, a Spokane driver. “We got plenty of oil, here in the United States so break loose some of them oil rigs and drop the price for us common people.”

AAA Washington gave 4 News Now a statement, explaining multiple reasons for the price increase.

“While the war in Ukraine may not have a direct impact on eastern Washington pump prices, the conflict has led to an overall squeeze on fuel supplies nationwide. In addition, fall is when refineries shut down to complete yearly maintenance work. That can further decrease fuel supplies. For example, one of Western Washington’s five refineries is currently offline providing this area with about 70% of the usual output.” 

“I feel like it shouldn’t be increased, but at the same time, I do understand the economies of the world, and the ways of the world,” said Gene Burks, while filling up her tank.

Despite seeing some relief not too long ago, prices may stay higher in Washington for some time.

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