Washington Education Association ad to support honesty in education circulates on social media

SPOKANE, Wash. — Critical Race Theory is still a hot topic across the nation. Some people have accused local school districts of teaching CRT, but school leaders say it’s not being taught.

The largest public school employee labor union in Washington is calling on support for honesty in education. Washington Education Association has a paid ad circulating on social media linking to a petition for people to support honesty in education.

The petition asks for people’s support if it becomes a battle on the district level about what is taught in the classroom.

The association believes the vast majority of people want students to have the full knowledge of our history.

However, they say some people are concerned about what’s being taught in the classroom including some politicians.

“We have thousands of amazing well trained committed loving teachers across this state who are experts they know what is age appropriate. They know what is necessary in education,” Ashley Demoville said.

One side of the ad includes a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. and it’s labeled as true history while the other side shows MLK erased.

Demoville says she doesn’t believe some want the history necessarily erased but changed.

“We know that the vast majority of community members want our students to have a full education. They want them to have the full knowledge of our history. The good and the bad,” she said.

WEA believes the decision about what should be taught in classrooms should be left up to the teachers and not politicians.

Demoville says knowledge of the truth is the recipe for a better future.

“They learn that we trust them. They learn that we critically analyze and question those events. And then they learn to take that knowledge and apply it to their lives. To their eventual jobs, and the work that they do in the community,” she said.

Demoville specializes in education policy and recently completed research that looked into anti-racism being instituted at the college level.

“Most of the research that came out of my studies was about how students are prepared for higher ed through their K-12 instructors, and how those teachers have to be trusted,” Demoville said.

We have reached out to Spokane Public Schools Superintendent’s office about a comment on the ad and we could have a statement on it Wednesday.

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