Washington decides to stick with new GED

State education officials have decided to stick with the state’s new GED high school equivalency test and not adopt any of the alternatives on the market.

The Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges voted Thursday to adopt staff recommendations in favor of the new GED, which the state started using in January. Two other testing systems were examined before the decision was made.

The program administrator for the statewide GED program says more than a thousand adults have taken all four parts of the new test. Lou Sager says 65 percent of them have passed the tests and earned their high school credential. Another 1,500 people are in the process.

Most states switched to the new computer-based GED this year. The new exams give almost immediate results and allow for more frequent retakes than the old paper exam. Some worry the new test is harder, but Sager says that’s debatable.