Warrant sweep nabs five violent criminals

It was a busy night for Spokane’s Gang Enforcement Team on the hunt for violent criminals. The city-wide sweep sent suspects in shootings, stabbings and an armed robbery to jail.

The gang unit began their search at 8:00 p.m. Sunday night with felony arrest warrants in hand. They were hoping that after a weekend of partying they would find a lot of their suspects home on a Sunday night and as it turns out they were right.

Acting on the latest intelligence information from the Department of Corrections they found two of their suspects at their girlfriend’s apartments.

The first suspect arrested was Reggie Cage, who is connected with the double stabbing that happened outside of Uno night club last week. It hasn’t been revealed until now that the violence outside Uno was gang-related.

Back in July, two women were shot during a different gang-related assault and while both suspects fled to California the US Marshals Service learned Michael Gardner was back in Spokane.

Gardner was also at his girlfriend’s apartment and was arrested on a First Degree Attempted Murder charge.

In all, five suspects were arrested during the sweep. The unit didn’t have a specific number in mind, they were aiming to arrest as many violent criminals as possible.

Officers involved in this warrant sweep say gang-related violence is dangerous for the rest of us because innocent people can get caught in the cross fire.

“Anytime you have two different factions that are fighting and going to use knives or guns the public is always at risk because these people do this in public places,” Sergeant Dan Ervin said.

Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick joined her officers out in the field Sunday night and pledged that dealing with violent gang members will always be a top priority for the department.

“It is my responsibility as the Chief of Police to support these officers who are out here every single day truly making it a safe place for your wife and their wives, their husbands, their children,” Chief Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick said periodic warrant sweeps like the one executed Sunday night lets gang members know that their violent behavior will put them right at the top of the department’s most wanted list.