Warm weather forces Numerica Skate Ribbon to temporarily close

Spokane skate ribbon
Numerica Skate Ribbon
Credit: Visit Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash.– It’s been warm across the Inland Northwest this week and that isn’t good news for winter activities.

Riverfront Park said the Numerica Skate Ribbon wouldn’t be open Tuesday or Wednesday because of the weather that hit over Thanksgiving weekend. Park leaders said teams would be working to recover the ice that was lost.

Wednesday may be the first day of December, but the temperatures will feel like it’s mid-April. The forecasted high is 58-degrees, which would break the 57-degree record set in 1925. It will be a little bit cooler on Thursday, but we should still climb into the 50s, which is about 15 degrees above average.

The skate ribbon isn’t the only winter activity put on ice because of the heat.

On Sunday, Schweitzer announced it would close the mountain until Dec. 3. The ski resort has just opened on Friday.

Silver Mountain also opened last Friday but said it was dealing with snow loss. A Facebook post said the mountain would be open Sunday for scenic gondola rides and anyone who had skiing or tubing tickets would be getting a refund.

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