Wanted felon known to frequent home searched in homicide investigation

Wanted felon known to frequent home searched in homicide investigation

A homicide investigation sent SWAT teams and police robots to a home in northeast Spokane Wednesday afternoon as Spokane Police executed a search warrant. Police say they were looking for evidence and taking every precaution because a wanted felon is known to frequent the home.

“Isiah Cavitt has contact with this residence, so we know he’s been here in the past,” said SPD Cpl. Ron Van Tassel. “Just because the nature of the crime, the homicide investigation and Isiah Cavitt could be here, that’s why you saw the response from the SWAT team.”

A man connected to a deadly weekend shooting is connected to the search. Spokane Police say they have a felony warrant out for Isiah Cavitt’s arrest, but police say that warrant is not related to this homicide investigation — though Cavitt is named in a warrant connected to this weekend’s early morning shooting.

That shooting left 21-year-old Kionte Bullard dead. Court documents say he was shot as he was putting his baby in the car.

Police called out for Cavitt several times before Wednesday’s search. Court documents say Cavitt used to date Bullard’s girlfriend and the pair got into an argument at Lucky’s Tavern this weekend. A witness said Cavitt was driving a car matching the description of one driving away from the scene of Bullard’s murder Sunday morning.

Cavitt has not been named a suspect in the shooting and Spokane Police have not named any suspects. Police could not confirm their search Wednesday was connected to that case.