Want to zipline along the Spokane River? It’s still on the table


SPOKANE, Wash. — Don’t give up your dream to zipline over one of downtown Spokane’s most scenic areas. The Spokane City Council could soon move forward on a plan to seek a partner for the high-flying project.

The city has considered this idea for the last couple of years.

The 1,400 foot line would carry thrill-seekers from the plaza next to City Hall down to Redband Park in Peaceful Valley.

Supporters call it a “ecotourism and cultural experience in the heart of downtown Spokane.”

A resolution being considered by the Spokane City Council Monday would authorize the city to move forward with a public partnership agreement where a private partner would provide the capital, build and operate the zipline.

Supporters say the idea “will build economic strength for lodging, food service, retail and entertainment sector” and also “serve as a catalyst for recovery of tourism, conventions and trade shows to Spokane.”

The council could vote Monday night to move forward with a request for proposals.

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