Walters branches out into the hard cider business

Walters branches out into the hard cider business

It’s apple season up at Green Bluff with one of the biggest attractions being fresh pressed cider. Walters Fruit Ranch is expanding their product line by getting into the hard cider business.

Walters is famous for their cider, but owner Jason Morell explained he wanted to branch out.

“Doing some research I saw that you can make a really hard cider that can compete with a good white wine, and I felt like that was a good fit for us,” Morell said.

So far, the hard cider has been a hit and Morell has been having a hard time keeping it stocked. That’s good news, especially with the crop Green Bluff growers have had the last couple of years.

“I had an apple come in the store on the scale at one and three quarters of a pound,” he said. “Mother Nature has blessed us with lots of sunlight, lots of cool nights, and that’s what gives the apples their unique Green Bluff flavor.”

Even if hard cider isn’t your thing there’s something pretty magical about Green Bluff this time of year.

“It’s family fun, where you can take your kids out and show them where the apples come from. That it is not the grocery store, you know. You get to show them about the trees and plants,” Morell explained.