WA wants to make it easier for parents who eat out with kids

WA wants to make it easier for parents who eat out with kids

As any parent with a young child knows, eating out with kids can go well… or it can go badly. A new proposed law making its way through the state legislature is trying to make at least one tiny part of that experience a little easier.

A bill has been introduced in both the Washington state House of Representatives and the Senate that would require restaurants which have a “children’s menu” to include at least one diaper changing station for women and one for men– one in each bathroom, or one in a bathroom that both genders could use.

The rule would apply to restaurants that can seat at least 60 people. In smaller restaurants, the requirement would be waived if there was not enough room in the bathroom to put a changing station.

Last week, the bills moved ahead to the Rules Committee in each house.

If they pass, the changing stations would have to be in place by December 31, 2020.

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