WA Sec. of State, AG issue statement on what happens if Inslee ‘hypothetically’ resigned

Inslee Faces Political Newcomer As He Seeks Rare Third Term

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Despite Governor Inslee saying multiple times he has no interest in a cabinet position in President-elect Biden’s administration, Washington’s Secretary of State and Attorney General issued a joint statement on what would happen if Inslee left his job.

Their respective offices say the statement was issued due to several questions they have received about Inslee’s consideration for the head of the Energy Department, Environmental Protection Agency and Secretary of the Interior.

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The statement says that if Inslee did resign, the state constitution dictates that the lieutenant governor would take over gubernatorial duties while still remaining in their position. However, the lieutenant governor would no longer preside as President of the Senate — the Senate would, instead, choose a presiding officer in the meantime.

If Inslee were to resign, the state would hold an election to fill the remainder of his term — which is the case whenever a governor resigns within two years of their term. This general election, if Inslee resigned, would be held November 2021.