WA lawmaker proposes mandatory cursive in schools

WA lawmaker proposes mandatory cursive in schools

One lawmaker wants cursive writing to be part of the classroom curriculum.

Currently students in Washington are not required to learn cursive writing, but a bill introduced Wednesday by Senator Pam Roach would require cursive to be taught in school. And it’s getting a lot of people talking.

Most people probably don’t use cursive to do more than sign their name, but several lawmakers still don’t want to see it disappear from school.

Others argue that as the world becomes increasingly technological, things like keyboarding classes are more important.

Several states have recently adopted similar legistlation to make cursive writing mandatory in school again.

And today on Facebook, we asked whether you thought cursive should be mandatory in school or not.

In that question of the day, the results were a resounding yes.

Many of you agreed it should be taught in school, while some others argued the days of cursive are gone and more practical skills should be taught instead.

The bill is something lawmakers could take a look at when the next legislative session begins on Monday.