Vote for the name of a Northwest Trek Wildlife Park goat

EATONVILLE, Wash. — It’s not every day you get to name someone else’s kid, especially when it’s a mountain goat kid, but Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is inviting people to vote on what they should name theirs.

Tessa LaVergne, media relations and communications director for Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, said the female kid was born on May 29 to her mom Bailey, a goat that arrived at the park in 2018 as part of a multi-agency project to relocate non-native goats from Washington’s Olympic Mountains to the North Cascades.

The park partnered with Woodland Park Zoo and Oregon Zoo to provide permanent homes to goat kids without mothers.

You get to vote for one of three names: Brinnon, Briar and Nettle. Voting ends at midnight July 21 and the name will be announced on July 22.

“We’re excited to celebrate the first successful mountain goat kid born in 15 years,” said Marc Heinzman, zoological curator at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. “And it’s even more special since we’ve watched Bailey grow from a kid herself to now being a mother.”

LaVergne said the kid is in good health, she follows her mom everywhere and is very comfortable with the rest of the herd

You can vote for the goat’s name here.

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