Volunteers step up during busy kitten season at Spokane Humane Society

With kittens showing up almost daily, the Spokane Humane Society is on hyperdrive keeping up with all the new mouths to feed. Fosters and staff are working hard to keep up with the needy kittens, who require feeding around the clock.

With that they aren’t able to keep up with a lot of the daily non-animal related work and its been put on the backburner.

So when volunteer groups like Rebuilding Together Spokane are joined by other volunteers from Gonzaga University, they are appreciative of the extra hands.

“I always say we couldn’t do it without you,” said Development Director Pia Hallenberg, “and its true. There’s no we could take care of all this if it was just the staff.”

Volunteers worked to move rotted logs, sheet metal and an old greenhouse from around an old barn on the Humane Society property. The goal is to get the barn up and usable for events and whatever other needs come up.

For volunteer organizers, getting up on a Saturday and giving back is a good way to spend the day and they encourage others to give it a try.

“Find something out there, there are a lot of opportunities to help out, you just have to look,” said Alex Sains, with Rebuilding Together Spokane, “there is stuff every weekend.”