Volunteers encourage citizens to send in ballots for Spokane County special election

Volunteers encourage citizens to send in ballots for Spokane County special election

On Monday morning, community members, kids, parents and teachers braved the bitter cold to remind voters to mail in their ballots for Tuesday’s special election.

“This is what we do. We are a community and a community is known for the school it keeps,” explained Central Valley Citizens for Education co-chair and parent, Marty Dickinson.

Everyone on the sidewalks had a reason for being there. For Dickinson, it is overcrowding in the schools that keeps her campaigning for passage of district’s 130 million dollar bond.

“We want to make sure that kids can go to school in their neighborhood schools, especially in our middle school population that is well over 400 students in overcrowding, but in our high schools too,” Dickinson said. “Our high schools are 1,000 plus over.”

In Spokane, a vote of yes means renewal of a levy that support learning.

“Levy’s support extracurricular activities, they support athletics and music and drama and special programs,” explained co-chair of Citizens for Spokane Schools Kris Jeske.

Jeske has two children in Spokane schools and supports the renewal because he wants the public education system in Spokane to be stronger.

“I think the stronger the education system is, the stronger the community is,” Jeske said.

Nine-year-old Ava Anderson is a student at Garfield Elementary in Spokane. She joined her grandpa for the first time sign waving because she doesn’t want things to be different in her school if the levy isn’t renewed.

“I’m just so used to it i don’t want it to change,” shared Ava.

For those who might not have a tie to Spokane County schools anymore, volunteers have this to say.

“For a lot of people somebody was taking care of their kids when they were going back to school, or their grandkids so we say pay it forward. Communities are known by the school it keeps,” said Dickinson.