Visitors trespassing in dangerous Rattlesnake Ridge area

Visitors trespassing in dangerous Rattlesnake Ridge area

People who live in the Rattlesnake Ridge area have been told to evacuate but others, curious to witness the crack, are going toward the danger.

Visitors have been hiking and riding bikes on the top of the ridge, coming right up to the 250 foot deep crack.

Officers say doing so is a misdemeanor that could get you arrested.

Authorities want to remind everyone this is not a sight worth seeing in person.

“This is extremely dangerous and the general public has no business being up there,” said Ed Levesque, Chief Deputy of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office. “You’re putting your own lives at risk and the lives of emergency personnel who have to come and get you if something should happen.”

Experts estimate the land could slide down the hill anytime from now through early March.

On top of the danger of being on the hillside, it’s also considered trespassing.

Rattlesnake Ridge is private property, and is considered tribal land, belonging to the Yakima Nation.