Vintage Shop with a twist opens in West Central Spokane

Vintage Shop with a twist opens in West Central Spokane

There are few things more stressful in life than planning a wedding but one new West Central Spokane business is trying to make it a little easier on brides and grooms.

From first appearances, Nic Nac Nell’s looks like any other thrift store; but it’s far from it. Yes, they’ve got china that resembles something you’d find at grandma’s, cool cake toppers and even vintage books.

But you can’t buy them. They are only available for rent for your wedding and event needs.

The business was born out of necessity for co-owner Katie Morris.

“We got married over in the Seattle-area, so I looked around to see if rentals were available, and there were luckily but they were pretty pricey,” Katie said.

To add to the stress of Katie’s 2015 wedding, she had a specific theme to shop for – vintage travel. Thankfully, though her mom loved to thrift.

Mom and Nic Nac Nell’s co-owner Janelle Hiccox said, “I love the search and the hunt for all of the items.”

While Katie says her wedding was a dream, she couldn’t help but think of other brides out there who might not have a mom like Janelle. There was also the issue of what to do with all her new vintage luggage and plates.

“Then you have to store it, and keep it, or try to sell it,” Morris said.

After a little research, and a few more plates and glasses, Nic Nac Nell’s opened, a vintage decor rental shop in the heart of West Central Spokane aimed to meet all your wedding needs.

“I’ve always been a junker and now I have a great reason to do that,” Hiccox said.

Katie is the brains of the operation.

“When people come in here I want it to be something they don’t just wish for, I want it to be something they can afford in their budget,” she said.

While mom Janelle travels far and wide to fulfill customers every request.

“We had a bride who was interested in brass candelabras. I looked in every vintage, every thrift store from Spokane to Everett and came back with nearly 100 of them,” Hiccox said.

The mother daughter duo have been working together for over a year now and have no plans of stopping soon.

“We have our moments where we get frustrated but it’s easy to get over it because we will always be there for each other and we know how to work with each other,” Katie said.

Janelle added, “I love working with her.”