Video shows people hit by car near downtown Spokane protest

Video Shows Protesters Hit By Car In Downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — New video shows people being hit by a car near the downtown Spokane George Floyd protests.

The video was taken by Emily Aizawa, who said she saw two people get hit.

“It’s pretty scary because, you know, you just don’t know what’s going to happen and you want to stand up but at the same time you need to keep yourself safe,” Aizawa told 4 Nwes Now.

Spokane Police later said it was the group of people outside of the car who instigated the situation. Police said a family inside the car was with their Autistic child and were trying to get away from the area.

Police said the driver did not act with any criminal intent and officers are now trying to identify those who reportedly jumped on the car.

People gathered in downtown Spokane Sunday afternoon to protest police brutality and honor the life of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis.

The protests had been peaceful, but the scene escalated later in the evening as police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets. Spokane Police have not said what caused the escalation, but looters were scene breaking into the Nike store near Main and Wall.