Video catches shark attacking boat

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A diver off the coast of New Zealand caught an extraordinary video of a large mako shark biting down on the deck of his boat as he was preparing to get in the water.

Uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, the incident the May 5 incident happened off the coast of the town of Tairu on New Zealand’s Coromandeal Peninsula, United Press International reported.

The diver, who was about to get in the water, wrote on YouTube that his goal was to change the notion of all sharks as inherently dangerous creatures.

“Mako sharks are the fastest and most unpredictable shark in the sea, but they are also threatened with extinction due to commercial and recreational overfishing,” the diver wrote.

Though one of the fastest fish in the ocean, clocking in at nearly 45 mph, the International Union for Conservation of Nature considers the shark “vulnerable” because of lack of fishing quotas and wide overfishing, especially in the North Atlantic, according to