Victims face Freeman High School shooter face-to-face

SPOKANE, Wash. – Tuesday was another heart-wrenching day in court for victims in the 2017 Freeman High School shooting. 

Those impacted by the shooting are sharing their experiences with the hope they will play into Caleb Sharpe’s final sentencing. 

Sharpe killed one student and injured three that day, but the impact was felt by everyone touched by the tragedy. He pleaded guilty to the crime earlier this month and now awaits his sentencing. 

“We’ve become hardened and lost our childhood innocence.” 

The deadly shooting stripped the Freeman community of their small-town security and replaced safety with a sense of fear that words can never quite describe. 

“No 15-year-old should find out how fast they can run because one of their cowardly classmates is shooting at them.” 

Students, parents and teachers all confronted Sharpe face-to-face, wanting him to know where they hope he will spend the rest of his days. 

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“What should happen with Caleb? He should never see the light of day. I hope he rots in jail,” one victim said. 

“I don’t hate you. And I don’t wish that you would burn in hell forever, but I do pity the pathetic route that you have chosen to take with your life,” another said. 

Victims hope Sharpe will spend eternity in jail as they wait for closure and turn a new page on a new chapter. 

They have asked for the judge to give Sharpe the maximum sentence. He faces life in prison. 

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