Victim helps Spokane Police recover stolen items being sold on Facebook Marketplace

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SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane man was arrested for burglarizing a storage unit and selling stolen items on Facebook marketplace.

On Monday morning, a victim flagged over a Spokane Police Officer near W. Pacific Ave and S. Cannon St in Browne’s Addition. Police said the victim had previously reported the burglary of his storage unit, but had recently found several of his items for sale on Facebook marketplace.

Police said the victim previously photographed the inside of his storage unit and showed the pictures to officers.

According to SPD, the victim contacted the suspect, identified as 40-year-old Douglas L. Enos, to inquire if the items were still for sale. He assisted officers in setting up a meeting with Enos to buy the items at a local grocery store.

Officers located Enos in his vehicle leaving the area of the meeting. They quickly recognized some of the property in Enos’ vehicle as being from the photographs the victim provided.

Officers said Enos eventually admitted to the burglary and several of the items were recovered from his vehicle.

Enos was taken into custody and booked into the Spokane County Jail for residential burglary.

Police recommend cataloging serial numbers and taken photos of property kept in storage. Both are often instrumental in recovering stolen property and bringing the suspects involved in these crimes to justice.

Police also urge you to tell them if you ever see your stolen belongings being sold somewhere online. They say if you don’t, you can lead yourself into even more danger.

“Imagine if you went to claim something you believed to be yours and it turned out it wasn’t and you forcibly take it from that person, then you yourself could end up committing the very crime that you had committed against you.” Terry Preuninger, a public information officer with Spokane Police said. “