Veterinarian warns of tick season

Veterinarian warns of tick season

Summer is on the way and with rising temperatures come an increased danger for pets and their owners — it’s tick season. Spokane veterinarian Suzanne Coulson said most people aren’t thinking about ticks and the diseases they carry when heading outside.

“Ticks are tricky,” Coulson said. “You don’t see them, and if you have a thick-coated dog you’re not going to know its on the dog until it’s starting to engorge and if there’s anything it’s going to pass to the dog it’s going to be kind of too late.”

Dog owner Linda Anderson knows this all too well. She said she’s had two dogs get bitten by ticks and now, she’s taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to her dog Alice.

“You don’t want your dogs to have that. They’re parasites,” Anderson said. “I never really realized how easy it is for them to pick ticks up.”

Coulson said ticks are capable of carrying Lyme disease and tick paralysis disease.

Coulson said there are a few simple ways to keep ticks from wreaking havoc on your furry friends. Coulson recommends wearing protective clothing, avoiding areas with tall grass and providing your pets with topical or chewable preventable medication.

If your pet gets a tick bite, Coulson advises pet owners to see their veterinarian as soon as possible.