Vaccinations records not showing up for many

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you haven’t had your vaccine yet, incentives now being offered through Washington State could persuade you to get going. If you’ve already been vaccinated, you’re also eligible for those incentives, but many folks are having a tough time finding proof of that vaccination.

We learned this week that is a place to check on vaccination records- but that website isn’t proving to be very reliable.

Gov. Jay Inslee said in a press conference on Thursday, “These incentives will be available to Washingtonians who have received the vaccine- whether it was December, March, today, or next week.” He said he’s in the business of saving lives in Washington. So, in the spirit of doing that, the state is now offering incentives to get more people out to get vaccinated.

“The first 4 drawings will have a $250,000 prize. The 5th and final will be a reward of 1-million dollars,” said Inslee. Beyond this, all kinds of other perks including tickets for sports, travel, and entertainment, and even, college tuition.

Dr. Umair Shah, Secretary of Health with the Washington State Department of Health, said, “You can go to our system to actually check your information to make sure you’re in the database. You can also print off the information for having your vaccine record as well through my IR system.”

Once you get on this website, you’ll notice it’s moving slow. More concerning than that though, is the fact that for many, their vaccination records are missing altogether, inaccurate, or they’re unable to get into the website at all.

Lacey Fehrenbach, Deputy Secretary of Health for COVID-19 Response, said, “Go to my to look up or check your records. We do want to note that sometimes the matching process will take a few days depending on your name and information.” While it’s recognized there is a few-day delay, for most people that stall- or missing information- is a few months behind.

The Department of Health got back to us confirming that MyIRMobile is the one they want to send people to. Despite that shift, many of us are still struggling to get accurate information.

If you’re concerned about your records, you can call, 833-VAX-HELP.