Using STA and Lyft your best chance to navigate Hoopfest

Using STA and Lyft your best chance to navigate Hoopfest

If you are wondering how to get around Hoopfest without putting miles in on your tennis shoes, STA and Lyft could be the answer you’re looking for.

The two services will be your best chance of getting around the maze of downtown.

STA has two parking locations where they will shuttle passengers every ten minutes. The first location is at the Jefferson Park N’ Ride and 410 South Jefferson, under the I-90 bridge. The second location will be at the Riverpoint Parking Lots in the Riverpoint Campus. Parking at both sets of lots will be free.

Each route will service either the East or West side of the downtown area. From the drop off locations downtown, you will be able to walk more easily to your court.

Lyft is also the official ride sharing partner for Hoopfest. It will have three locations set up for drop off and pick up from the world’s largest 3-on-3 tournament. Those locations will be at Howard & Cataldo, Main & Lincoln and Riverside & Bernard.

You can also use the promo code HOOPFEST18 to get 20 percent off your ride to or from the tournament.