Updated election results show smaller gap between Woodward, Stuckart

Spokane mayoral candidates Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart will advance to the November general election.

The two candidates received nearly 80 percent of the votes cast in Tuesday night’s primary. On election night, Woodward led the race with more than 42% of the vote to Stuckart’s 37%.

After several more ballot counts, the most updated results show Stuckart closed in on Woodward’s lead, lessening the gap from five percent to about two and a half percent.

With only 1,500 votes left to tally, Woodward still holds the lead with about 1,000 more votes than Stuckart. As of Friday, August 9, the updated results show the following:

Nadine Woodward: 40.34% – 18,985 votes
Ben Stuckart: 37.93% – 17,849 votes
Shawn Poole: 12.63% – 5,942 votes
Jonathan Bingle: 6.46% – 3,042 votes
Kelly P. Cruz: 2.23% – 1, 049 votes

Who is Nadine Woodward?

Woodward spent 28 years as a news anchor in Spokane. She worked for several years at KREM 2 News before moving to KXLY in 2010. She signed off the air in February 2019. Woodward has been vocal about her hopes to tackle homelessness, jobs, safety, ethics and bullying.

Who is Ben Stuckart?

Stuckart, the current Spokane City Council President, is a Spokane native and graduate of both Lewis and Clark High School and Gonzaga University. He is running with a focus on safety, growth and business expansion, transportation and sustainability.

Stuckart released this statement Tuesday night:

Our campaign is about celebrating the opportunities we have as a community and the good fortune we all share in calling Spokane our home. We’ve laid out a vision to help create a safer, equitable, and more sustainable city for our children and grandchildren. This vision is resonating with voters and we will continue to share our love for the city in contrast to the candidates who campaign on despondence and despair.

Stuckart also appeared on Good Morning Northwest Wednesday morning. Hear what he had to say here.

Woodward will speak to Good Morning Northwest in her first public appearance since the primary on Thursday morning.

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