UPDATE: SPD has located car in Spokane River

UPDATE: SPD has located car in Spokane River

UPDATE (6/1):

Crews pulled the car out of the river Friday afternoon across from Mission Park, after the river receded.

Spokane Police have confirmed there is a body in the vehicle.


Spokane Police say officers have found the car that they believe drove into the Spokane River in the area of Sinto and S. Riverton Friday night. At this time, police have not confirmed if there was anyone inside the car.

SPD says no missing persons reports have been made, and no one has reported a vehicle matching the description of car parts found at the scene.

SPD Cpl. Van Tassel said Sunday that water rescue experts with the Spokane Fire Department and the Spokane Sheriff’s Dive Team have advised that the current conditions in the water are too dangerous to investigate further.

According to a release, “conditions in the water are too dangerous to risk putting somebody in the water to investigate or recover the vehicle.”

Officers determined that the car was traveling westbound on Sinto when it went through the guard rail and into the river.

Original Story:

A car is believed to have driven into the Spokane River overnight but no car was found after a search from Spokane Police, Fire, and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Air 1 helicopter.

City crews responded to the area of Sinto and S. Riverton around 7:45 a.m. Saturday after it was reported that a guard rail had been taken out. Crews noticed some car parts near where the guard rail was it is believed that a vehicle hit the guard rail before going into the river.

“Just by looking at some of the damage on the ground and on the scene here, it does look like a vehicle possibly hit the guard rail and went into the river,” said Spokane Police Cpl. Ron Van Tassel.

Van Tassel says the river was moving a little too fast for them to send their dive team in, and windy conditions prevented Spokane Fire from sending their drone up. The Spokane County Air 1 helicopter went up and down the river searching, but did not spot a vehicle.

“We’re hoping somebody is going to call us and say ‘I did hit the guard rail, I’m okay,'” said. Van Tassel. “That’d be wonderful, that would be the best case scenario here.”

Spokane Fire, Police, and Air 1 responded to Helena and Sinto – a neighbor reported seeing tire marks going into the river. A stretch of guard rail is in the water. No car was found. #kxly pic.twitter.com/QZCASumaVy

— Kyle Simchuk (@KyleKXLY) April 21, 2018