UPDATE: Police issue warrant for roommate of woman found in trash

UPDATE: Police issue warrant for roommate of woman found in trash

UPDATE: A first degree murder warrant has been issued for Eugene Jupp, the roommate of 79-year-old Stephanie Standen, whose body was found at a Spokane recycling facility on April 5. He has not yet been located.

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The body found on Thursday at Waste Management’s Spokane Materials and Recycling Technology (SMaRT) Center on South Geiger has been identified as 79-year old Stephanie Standen.

According to court documents, her body was found on the conveyor belt where recycled items are sorted. Mail for houses on the west south hill in Spokane were located near the body on the belt.

The body was found with severe injuries to the head and was not wearing underwear or pants.

Waste Management supervisors believed the truck that carried the body to the center had made stops near Roosevelt Elementary on West 14th.

Further investigation revealed a missing persons report out for Standen, who lived at a home on West 15th.

“Its pretty disconcerting,” said Michael Maloney, who lives three doors down from where Standen lived.”To think she was disposed of in a blue recycling bin, that is pretty bad.”

Another resident of the home Standen had been living in told detectives he hadn’t seen Standen in several weeks, but believed to have heard in her bedroom several days prior.

The resident was not related or in a relationship with Standen according to court documents and was not the one who put out the missing persons report for her.

While interviewing the resident detectives noted that he had scratches on his face and arms, which the resident claimed were from yard work.

Detectives also say they found a broken picture frame and cleaning supplies out in the bathroom of the residence.

Evidence logs for the investigation include a blood stained recycling bin, blood stains on the living room floor of the residence and sink, in addition to a blood stained shirt. After requesting search warrants, detectives will also be going through the phone records of both Standen and the other resident of the home on the 15th.

As of Wednesday afternoon the other resident is not considered a suspect according to Spokane Police.

The Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet released a cause of death.