University’s Ashton Beach leads on all fronts

University’s Ashton Beach leads on all fronts

Adam Daniel: “There’s nobody better deserving of being a shining star than Ashton Beach.”

Pretty high praise for the U-Hi senior that earns respect from his team by putting them first.
Daniel: “Ashton is the ultimate team player, he’s continually putting team success over individual success.”
Ashton Beach “My favorite part is just the brotherhood we have, being there as a family, we talk amongst each other, we trash talk each other all the time, but that’s normal we’re like brothers.”

Ashton Beach has made an impact on his team through his quiet leadership, a shining example on both sides of the ball.

Daniel “He was voted team captain by his teammates he’s been a three year starter for us, he starts at linebacker on defense and then on offense he’s kind of our utility guy.”
Beach “Defense preferably, it’s fun cause i can take out all my anger that i usually hold in all day, but then offense is also a key thing that i love cause i get to carry the ball.”

Beach is also an example to his team on how to be successful as a student, his 3.7 GPA is the result of hard work, attacking his classes just as hard as the opposing ball carrier.
Beach: “Just try to do my best in them, try to keep high grades be accountable, try to keep straight A’s as much as I can.”
Daniel: “Getting it done in the classroom is just as important to him as his performance on the field, and he does it all.”

One more thing he would love to do this season? Lead his team to the playoffs, and keep his football family together as long as he can.