University of Idaho still considering moving classes online during coronavirus outbreak


MOSCOW, Idaho — The University of Idaho is still figuring out its own plan in responding to COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the university announced that it will be doing a test of an online system. As spring break is next week for the university, staff will be figuring out if they should move classes online like other schools.

Jodi Walker, the university’s director of communications, said staff are working with a group to help develop online classes and train those professors who may need it.

“They’re doing extra trainings this week to teach those faculty who may not be as familiar to online platforms, how to use them, how to use their class, how to move maybe pieces of their class to deliver the content in a different way so that it can be delivered in that format,” Walker said. “I’m sure there’ll be a lot of work going on over spring break as they figure out how to meet that need.”

Walker said the school will announce its decision on March 19 on whether or not it will move to online classes or keep them in person.

Campus won’t be closed if classes were to be moved online and the resident halls will still be open, even during spring break.

“We’re stepping up our cleaning resources and our custodial services in those high touch areas to make sure we’re meeting that need. Campus isn’t closing at this point,” she said.

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