Unattended cooking pan nearly destroys Spokane Valley home in fire

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — A Spokane Valley home was badly damaged by a fire after someone left a pan unattended on a cooking stove. The homeowners were able to get out safely.

Spokane Valley Fire Department says a single pan left on a stove caused a fire that damaged the back, back deck, kitchen, main hallway, living room and basement of a home near Boone and Perrine.

When fire personnel were dispatched, they were notified that it was uncertain if everyone got out. Initial responders were able to put down the flames, and additional fire crews arrived to enter the home and confirm that no one else was in the home.

According to the Fire Department, the home suffered a great deal of smoke damage and is currently “unoccupiable,” but thanks to quick action from firefighters, they were able to keep the house from being a total loss.

The homeowner told investigators that he was heating a pan on the stove, then went out onto the back deck to cook some food on the grill. He said he was only out there for what seemed like a few minutes, but returned to find the kitchen on fire

Spokane Valley Fire Department says that things left unattended on the stove is one of the leading causes of house fires, and that you should never leave pots and pans unattended while cooking.