Un-BEE-lievable discovery at the Grange as committee prepares for KXLY 4 News Extreme Team

The heavy lifting on the new KXLY 4 News Extreme Team Project, the Green Bluff Grange, begins today.

Over the weekend as the Grange Beautification Committee prepared for the arrival of a new roof and siding, they had to evict some tenants that were making quite the buzz!

One member discovered a large amount of honey bees near a water spout on the building. Several beekeeping members of the committee gathered Saturday to cut in to the building and carefully remove the thousands of bees that have called the Grange home for years.

Brandy Donough with the Grange Beautification Committee said, “we were lucky enough to find the bees on the first shot. We went in, pulled the comb, which also had brewed and honey and were waiting to find out today whether or not we got the queen which would allow the bees to stay together as a colony.”

Brandy is already an avid beekeeper and is taking care of the new-found colony.

The KXLY 4 News Green Bluff Grange reveal is scheduled for Thursday, September 20th at 5pm.