UFC 270: Proving grounds for the world’s best fighters

Credit: UFC, Youtube

ANAHEIM, Calif. — We are moments away from UFC 270, with probably one of the most anticipated fights of the year.

The top fight features Francis Ngannou versus Ciryl Gane, two up-and-coming heavyweights who plan on leaving it all in the octagon Saturday night. The backstories behind both fighters are much different from each other, but are inspiring to many.

Ngannou is a Cameroonian fighter regarded to many as the best fighter on the planet. He came from poverty to one of the highest-paid fighters in the UFC, and for good reason. Not only did he risk his life pursuing his boxing career, but his punches are said to be as hard as a bus running into a human at full speed.

Ngannou traveled to France to become a boxer but illegally crossed Spain’s border to do so. After getting jailed and being homeless for months, he was miraculously picked up by the UFC and has been in the league for quite some time. He’s learned much since he started, but while some believe he is unstoppable, his opponent may prove many wrong.

Ciryl Gane is a fighter out of France as well, known as the most technical and skilled heavyweight fighter. He is a mixed martial artist trained in all different realms of fighting and became the interim champ despite only having fought ten times to Ngannou’s 19. He hopes to demonstrate everything he has learned in his extensive fighting career on Ngannou.

With Ngannou at 35 and Gane at 31, they are not regarded as young fighters, but both are battling for their UFC futures Saturday night.

With an exciting heavyweight matchup, fans will also get to see a great fight even earlier. The top two fighters in the flyweight division, Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo, duke it out before the big men brawl. They both fought back in Dec. 2020, ending in a draw. They both hope to prove who should have won that fight from over a year ago.

Both the heavyweight and flyweight fights are expected to be electric and extremely technical on both ends. With knockout punches getting thrown left and right every second, for some it will be a test of patience, and for others it’s about living up to the hype.

The fights are only available for pay-per-view on ESPN+.

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