UberEats makes grand debut in Spokane

UberEats makes grand debut in Spokane

UberEATS debuted in Spokane Tuesday, and it’s bringing ‘take-out’ to a whole new level. The delivery service promises food at your fingertips, and it delivers.

UberEATS made a soft launch in Spokane on Monday, but some drivers have had back-to-back orders already.

The Scoop’s owner, Jennifer Davis, walked Kxly4 through our first UberEATS order. There’s tons of Spokane staples on the list, which can be overwhelming. But the app itself is easy to navigate.

You pick your place, then your dish, and press order and you’re done.

Spokane’s very first order was Monday at D’Lish. D’Lish cooks everything to order, so a little more work has to go into every UberEATS delivery.

But so far, so good.

Some local restaurants worry that convenience will interest customers more than connection.

What you pay, the cost of your food, which some spots price up, plus a rate for delivery.

But, if you’re okay with spotting a little extra for your favorite Spokane foods in the comfort of your home, this might be your app.